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4 Ways To Get Cheaper Courier Delivery Prices

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Let me guess. You’re finding the amount of money you spend on delivery services to be excessive, and you need to start looking for ways to get cheaper courier services.

Well give me a few minute of your time, because the team here at Avango Couriers have been around long enough now to learn from the types of customers that call us, and we often find ways to get the best prices for each variant of delivery. These range from the huge corporations that need high security or the panicked, desperate people requiring the most urgent of same day deliveries, through to the careful spender, who needs to get the best value from their transport provider.

With that in mind, I decided to write this article offering some tips that may save you some money and make your choice of delivery service a little easier when the time comes.

1) Every detail counts, so be specific.

We know that you probably require a same day delivery because something has happened to leave you with very little time to plan anything else. It’s panic stations, if the delivery doesn’t arrive today then all your worst nightmares will come true. Or at least that’s what it feels like for some people.

But take a minute, breathe, slow down and think it through properly. We couriers like to have as much information as possible in order to do a great job, and you can often save some money by being helpful and telling us everything you know.

Let’s start with the essentials.

Does it have to be there today? Great, we know you need a same day delivery. Now we need exact times, such as ‘When will the goods be ready to collect‘ and ‘Does the delivery address close? And if so, what time?‘. If we have plenty of time to make the delivery there is less need to rush and this reduces risk of failing the delivery and having to pay for a second delivery the next day.

Now size. And don’t be mistaken, it really does matter. If it’s something like a pallet delivery, then the dimensions are very important. We need to know what size and type of van to send, and this is where you can save the most money. Smaller vehicles cost less to operate and so we charge less per-mile to deliver your goods.

Now we need to know how the goods will be loaded. Again, using pallets as an example, if both the collection and delivery addresses have fork-lifts trucks available, or people to help load goods by hand where possible, then we can send a standard van in. If they’re not available or you can’t be sure, then specialist vehicles with tail-lifts are required and have a significant effect on the price.

2) Find a courier close to the collection address.

This might seem an obvious thing to state, but it’s surprising how often people seem to book a delivery with a courier company without realising where that company is based.

By doing that, you run a higher risk of your delivery being sub-contracted out to a courier closer to your collection, so why not just save yourself some money and go straight to that courier yourself?

3) Find a courier close to the delivery address.

It’s a simple reverse of tip 2. Let’s say, for example, that your business is located in Tyldesley, near Manchester and that you need a courier delivery from London to Manchester. If you are on a tight budget and need to get the best price for your delivery then it’s worth calling a local courier.

They are always going to have vehicles out and about on other deliveries and will have some of them returning to their home/office address either the same day or the following day, and they will probably be able to bring your goods back with them.

This doesn’t always work, as it depends on the size of vehicles they have near the location your goods are being collected from matching the size of the load. But it’s worth a try, you have nothing to lose.

4) Try the little guy.

I’ll try to keep this simple. If you choose a smaller courier company, you’re less likely to be paying for people you don’t need as there are fewer ‘middle-men’ in the chain.

In some cases, depending on how you book a delivery, your goods can be sub-contracted down 3-4 levels, through freight forwarders, hauliers, large-scale courier companies and the owner-drivers that typically do the work.

If you book through a freight forwarder they will select a large scale transport company who will, in many cases, simply sub-contract your delivery on to a local courier. Each part of the chain takes a piece of the fee and you end up over-paying for a simple delivery.

Even if you don’t require a freight forwarder and go direct to a well known courier company, these carriers often try and impress potential customers with claims of having ‘over 2000 vehicles’ (or similar statements), which is often not entirely true. Many of these vehicles are owned by self-employed owner drivers and ‘life-style’ couriers.

So all you are really paying for is for someone to take your booking and pass the information along to someone else to do the work.

We understand that it’s normal to see a well known brand and make your decision based on the name alone. It saves time – you see the name and instantly think ‘that must be okay, I’ve heard of them’.

We all do it every day, from the breakfast cereals we start our days with through the cars that we drive to work in. But choosing a big name rarely means you are getting the best deal, or even the best service.

Big brands can often lose that connection with the customer they built their name serving, so why not consider going straight to the last link in the chain and hiring the smaller courier company that is more likely to be the ones taking your goods from A-to-B.

Something to remember

There is nothing wrong with sub-contracting loads, in fact it’s a fundamental part of modern logistics as there is just so much to move every day in the UK that no one company can handle every assignment it is given, and we here at Avango have to do it as well on occasion.

But you will definitely save some money and reduce the risk of a third-party getting involved in your delivery by giving smaller companies an opportunity. This philosophy also rings true in many other industries.

Cheaper Courier services aren’t always a great idea

Whilst everyone wants to save money, remember that you often get what you pay for, and going too cheap may just backfire. If you have time, do a little research and make sure the company you choose has a good reputation. Sometimes the slightly more expensive option is a safer choice.

Thanks for reading, and I hope these few tips have given you a few ideas for the next time you require professional courier services.

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