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2018 new year sparkler writing

Happy New Year to all our customers past, present and (hopefully) future! ¬† Well 2018 is off and running and everything is back up to speed, although we hardly stopped during the holidays as we’ve been busy behind the scenes doing some work on our main website, plus a new one launching soon that’s…(Read More)

Avango Couriers Blog image White Husky dog with snow

At the time of writing this, the Met office has announced that parts of Britain are about to be hit by storm ‘Caroline’, bringing gale force winds and arctic temperatures, which is often a recipe for SNOW. Yes, I used the big letters. That’s to emphasise the point, because this is Britain after all…(Read More)

image of broken parcel on Avango Couriers blog

If you are a child of the 70’s or 80’s then there’s a chance you may remember the TV show ‘Record Breakers’ with Roy Castle. Part of the theme tune to the show had the line¬†“Dedication’s what you need, if you wanna be a record breaker!” And that got us…(Read More)

Cornwall Couriers Screenshot

Ah Cornwall. You’ve always held a special place in our hearts. If you’ve read any of our previous articles then you may have noticed that we have a certain amount of affection for Cornwall. It’s always seemed to appeal to us just a little more than many other places in the UK…(Read More)

Avango Couriers 4 ways to get cheaper courier prices image

Let me guess. You’re finding the amount of money you spend on delivery services to be excessive, and you need to start looking for ways to get cheaper courier services. Well give me a few minute of your time, because the team here at Avango Couriers have been around long enough now to learn…(Read More)

womans hands holding bird

Here at Avango we’re the kind of people that believe if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. When it comes to loading our vehicles, whether it’s two expensive and very fragile pieces of art, or an entire van full of timber, we like to know that everything is going…(Read More)

There’s always someone telling you where the future is and what you need to do to be a part of it. For the past couple of years a lot of people have been saying that video is going to be an important part of marketing any business. So we decided that we’re going…(Read More)

Avango Couriers 2016 image collage

The Tale of 2016


And so another year comes to pass. Another collection of up’s and down’s, victories and defeats and bigger challenges. 2016 certainly had plenty of those for us here at Avango towers (that’s a mythical building by the way, just in case you weren’t sure). The early part of each year is…(Read More)

Woman wrapping christmas present

I know some people might think that I have posted this far too early and that “It’s only October”, but if you look carefully I’m not the only one. The Christmas adverts are starting to sneak onto the television, we’re already at the school half term break, and people are more regularly…(Read More)