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Welcome to the Avango Couriers Blog. We know a lot of people like to read, which is great because we like to write about the things we do, industry news and other related matters. So if you’re a reader and like the transport industry, or want to know more about us and our work, keep on scolling!

Avango Couriers 2016 image collage

The Tale of 2016

And so another year comes to pass. Another collection of up’s and down’s, victories and defeats and bigger challenges. 2016 certainly had plenty of those

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Winter is coming - Avango Couriers weather montage

Winter is Coming

That’s right everyone. Winter is coming and it looks like it’s in a bad mood. After a quite settled September and October (for British standards

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The Tale of the Tail-Lift Lorry

When a delivery gets really big, you need a lorry and just because we’re called ‘Avango’ and typically specialise in van-based courier services, it doesn’t

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Avango Couriers at the beach in 2014

The Tale of 2014

And there it was, gone. 365 days in the blink of an eye, 2014 has been and gone. This year has been extraordinary for us

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