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Avango Couriers 4 ways to get cheaper courier prices image

The team here at Avango Couriers have been around long enough now to learn from the types of customers that call us. From the panicked, desperate people requiring the most urgent of same day deliveries, through to the careful spender, who needs to get the best value from their transport provider. With that in mind…(Read More)

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Handle with care


Here at Avango we’re the kind of people that believe if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. When it comes to loading our vehicles, whether it’s two expensive and very fragile pieces of art, or an entire van full of timber, we like to know that everything is going…(Read More)

There’s always someone telling you where the future is and what you need to do to be a part of it. For the past couple of years a lot of people have been saying that video is going to be an important part of marketing any business. So we decided that we’re going…(Read More)

Woman wrapping christmas present

I know some people might think that I have posted this far too early and that “It’s only October”, but if you look carefully I’m not the only one. The Christmas adverts are starting to sneak onto the television, we’re already at the school half term break, and people are more regularly…(Read More)

Winter is coming - Avango Couriers weather montage

Winter is Coming


That’s right everyone. Winter is coming and it looks like it’s in a bad mood. After a quite settled September and October (for British standards anyway), November started to remind us that we really shouldn’t forget that the good old British weather can pack quite a punch when it wants – and then…(Read More)

There have been numerous reports recently that Spring is on its way and some even claim it’s already arrived. Well we finally have proof that the rumours are true after we were able to get photographic proof of a sure sign that winter is almost over. In America some people think that Punxsutawney Phil…(Read More)

Van Driver at Avango Couriers enjoying his work

Earlier this year we had the idea to write an article at the end of each month about what we’ve done and where we’ve been, even if it’s for nothing more than to have a way of remembering all the ups and downs that happen along the way, but unfortunately there wasn…(Read More)

Display at the RHS Flower Show

Hello again and welcome to a new little feature we’ve cooked up called ‘What Happened?’ It’s our way of making a little bit of a newsletter from the work we’ve been doing each month, so here goes!… July 2014 The theme of this month, if it really needed one is most definitely…(Read More)

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Hello and welcome along once again. For those who used to know us in years gone by as ‘Moov-U’, well we’ve undergone a huge re-branding and relaunch into Avango Couriers Limited. That’s right everyone, we’ve gone and put on some ‘big boy pants’, grown up and become official. And this…(Read More)

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