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Avango Couriers 2016 image collage

The Tale of 2016


And so another year comes to pass. Another collection of up’s and down’s, victories and defeats and bigger challenges. 2016 certainly had plenty of those for us here at Avango towers (that’s a mythical building by the way, just in case you weren’t sure). The early part of each year is…(Read More)

Line of Land Rover cars used in James Bond Spectre Movie

His name’s Bond, James Bond…apparently. You can’t really live in Britain and not know who that is. The fictional character who has saved us from more bad guys than you can count in over 20 movies from the last 50 years. Well, October 26th 2015 sees the launch of the latest ‘007…(Read More)

Delivery to a building site being offloaded by digger

For most of the time a courier’s deliveries can typically be broken down into two methods of loading and unloading – the ‘handball’, where everything is done by hand (I’m guessing you’d already figured that out?) and forklift. But occasionally something else can come along just to add a little variety to the…(Read More)

Just because we’re called ‘Avango’ and typically specialise in van-based logistics and delivery services, it doesn’t mean we can’t find a solution when the call comes through for something much larger. A couple of weeks ago one of our customers called us to discuss an important load that they required transporting…(Read More)

writing in the sand on beach

The Tale of 2014


And there it was, gone. 365 days in the blink of an eye. This year has been extraordinary for us here at Avango Couriers. Whilst we officially started the year still trading as ‘Moov-U’ (pronounced ‘Move You’), we had formulated a plan in late 2013 to transform and re-brand into Avango Couriers as…(Read More)

aircraft nose outside hangar

Courier and haulage work can be extremely varied. That’s one of the reasons we like doing it so much. Speaking for myself (Stuart) my former career was spent working in offices, mostly for newspapers and magazines. It paid the bills for a while, but I knew it wasn’t ever going to make me…(Read More)

two men unlock a gate

Or as it is also known, ‘The Tale of How Many People Does it Take to Unlock a Gate’ (For the sake of people’s dignity, we have masked any identifiable marks in the images that accompany this story). In late 2013 I was on my way to Long Eaton, not far from Nottingham. A…(Read More)

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