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Couriers and Climate Change

Earth as seen from space showing climate change

If there’s one buzzword we can take from 2019, it has to be ‘Climate Change‘ (or Brexit – but we’ll talk about that another time). No matter what you’ve been doing for the past 12 months, you must have heard about it.

It’s not a new term, but it seems that someone turned the volume to 11 this year. And it looks like they’re not going to turn it back down any time soon.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, it’s doing it because of climate change, apparently. I can’t say whether that’s true or not. I’m not a scientist, so I have no idea.

But if there is even the slightest chance that the worlds climate IS changing, and if it’s because of us and the way we live, then I guess we had all better play our part in trying to fix it, right?

Environmentally Aware ‘Eco’ Courier Services Are The Next Step

One of the main groups that is believed to be at fault for the issues the world is facing is petrol and diesel vehicles. Burning fossil fuels emits gasses so harmful I can’t even spell most of them.

Improvements have been made in the efficiency of these vehicles over the years and in 2019 we made the decision to upgrade to the cleanest vehicles we could afford – Euro 6.

We know these aren’t perfect, but if you do your research you’ll actually see there are NO perfect options right now. Electric vehicles may be cleaner to operate, but the manufacture and distribution of them still causes pollution. And not all the electricity used to charge them comes from ‘clean’ or renewable sources.

So what else can we do to make a difference to climate change? Good question. Our answer is to start offering customers a ‘load matching’ or ‘route matching’ courier service.

This works by saving journeys, meaning if a vehicle doesn’t need to run, it doesn’t. Customers that wan’t to reduce both theirs and our Carbon footprint can wait for a vehicle that is travelling along a similar route to the one they need, and tag along.

We believe there are thousands of journeys carried out every day that can be matched. All it needs is a little extra time to plan.

Big Vans With Room to Spare and Drivers Going Home Can Affect Climate Change

One of the main issues with couriers is that we end up running empty a lot of the time. This is caused by the urgency of customer requests. We get called to collect goods, drive to the destination and deliver. But in that rush, there’s not always time to notify people of where you will be.

There are courier work websites and exchange networks that help reduce this issue, but it’s far from 100% effective. Drivers will often turn around and head home with an empty van. Then the next day a different customer may need a collection from the place that driver was at.

If we had more time, then more journeys can connect together, saving tons of emissions. What’s more, is that this can also reduce costs to the end customer too. If a drivers costs are covered by two customers, each of those customers pays a little less.

Also, sometimes it’s possible to share load space when two or more loads are heading in the same direction. It all helps in reducing journey numbers, vehicle usage and emissions.

Is Electric The Future of Courier Transport?

We really don’t know what’s to come for vehicles right now. It’s more than likely here at Avango we’ll move to a zero-emissions vehicle setup within the next few years. Right now though they are not capable of the range we need.

The deliveries we do now would see our journey times triple or quadruple with constant stops for recharging. That won’t necessarily affect us that much, but our customers often need goods urgently.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles look promising, but the infrastructure will take time to put in place. Vehicles that can’t be refuelled are of no use to anyone.

So for now we believe the best way to change, is to use the tools we have more efficiently. Isn’t there a quote somewhere that goes ‘Reduce, Reuse, Renew‘? Well – we’re aiming for Reduce in 2020.

Contact us now to find out more about our Eco-Courier Services.

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