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Dedication’s what you need

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If you are a child of the 70’s or 80’s then there’s a chance you may remember the TV show ‘Record Breakers’ with Roy Castle. Part of the theme tune to the show had the line Dedication’s what you need, if you wanna be a record breaker!

And that got us thinking. How many people actually know what we mean by being a ‘dedicated’ courier services provider? Do people think we’re just very enthusiastic about delivering goods and ‘dedicate’ ourselves to our work?

Well we are, but the ‘dedication’ comes from the fact we only carry one company’s consignment at any time. This sets us apart from the parcel delivery companies because they operate by fitting as many parcels in as they can and then doing a ‘multi-drop’ delivery.

Multi-drops are great for keeping delivery costs down, because each parcel pays a portion of the costs of operating the vehicles, but the big problem they cause is the safety of the items on-board.

There is no organisation inside many parcel delivery vans, they don’t have shelves or compartments, so all the parcels are (quite literally in some cases) thrown in on top of each other on the floor. This can lead to items getting lost and broken.

And what’s worse is that this can happen four or five times on each parcels journey. This is the typical parcel couriers process:

  • Driver collects from your home or business and places the items in with other goods
    (risk of damage).
  • Driver unloads at local depot and goods get re-loaded onto trucks for delivery to sorting hub.
    (risk of loss or damage as items fall off conveyor belts)
  • Offload at sorting hub – sorted – then reloaded to truck for delivery to local depot
    (risk of loss or damage as items fall off conveyor belts).
  • Offload from truck at local depot – re-loaded on to delivery van.
    (risk of damage).

With dedicated transport, all of this risk is gone. The vehicle that comes to collect your goods is the exact same vehicle that offloads at the delivery point. Items are taken straight from A-to-B, without any other customers’ goods, massively reducing the risk of loss or damage in transit.

The vehicle and driver are dedicated entirely to YOUR delivery.

There is a downside of this in that each delivery costs more, because we don’t have other items on-board to share the operating costs.

But we also have huge up-sides too. Your goods have a substantially greater chance of getting delivered on time, in perfect condition, plus we can carry much larger items than the parcel carriers will allow, from envelopes and parcels to pallets and more.

A simple way to think of it is like this:
Parcel couriers (such as DPD, Yodel, Hermes etc) are like buses – each person/parcel pays less, but has to follow a route and share the space with others.
Whereas dedicated couriers like ourselves (Avango Couriers) are like a taxi – you book the vehicle size you need and we go direct from the collection to the drop-off.

So in the end, the decision is all down to you and what matters most to you. The cost of your delivery, or the peace of mind of knowing your goods are being handled safely?

We think Roy Castle was right all along… Dedication’s what you need, not a parcel breaker!

If you would like to speak to us about our range of courier services in Manchester or throughout the UK just fill out our contact form or call us on 0161 667 1502

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