Delivery Diary January 2024 – North to the Lakes

A photograph of Derwent Water in the Lake District taken by Stuart Drinkwater of Avango Couriers Ltd

We’ve been a same-day delivery company for almost 10 years. March 1st will mark our 10 year anniversary. And in the first 9.9 years we think we’ve had less than 20 total deliveries to the Lakes (or the Lake District to give it its full title).

But it complete contrast, we’ve already had 2 in January 2024. And we’re okay with that.

We could probably get more work to the Lakes but it’s a challenging area to work in. Lots of narrow, roller-coaster style roads mean it can be time consuming and heavy on fuel to deliver goods there. It means we sometimes have to turn down sub-contracting work for other courier companies as they just don’t pay enough – and that means we miss out of visiting a scenic area as much as we’d really like to.

Anyway, back to reality – January has been excellent for us compared to the previous 3 (yes 3!!!) years.

It’s often a quieter time in transport. Maybe not for everyone, but we believe the majority of drivers would agree. The drop off from Christmas load volumes is noticeable and

Week 1 – The New Year Begins

This is always really hit-and-miss. We basically have to wait while most other industries return to their offices and warehouses, and start to place orders for what goods they need to go where.

We didn’t get started until the 3rd and even then we only got a couple of small-ish jobs in the first week. But that was good enough for us. This time last year we didn’t even have a working van in the week 1

Week 2

Here we go – this is more like it. Distances are still fairly short for now, but the work is coming in more frequently. Every day there’s a call and a booking. The weather was a real challenge this week, but we made our way through it best we could.

Week 3

Colwyn Bay was the highlight of the week, although the weather was against us almost every day. Strong winds cause big vans to move around a lot, and it also has a huge affect on the fuel economy. In the most part we were lucky that a lot of our deliveries this week were either local, or made the best of which way the wind was blowing.

Week 4

Pack the camera and hat, we’re off to the Lakes for the first time in 2024 already! It’s back to a place we’d actually delivered some items too in early December – a pub having a refit in Hawkshead, near Ambleside. This time was a much easier run as there was no snow. After delivering we headed back round to Bowness, had a walk by the lake and took some photos. Very enjoyable day.

Lots more work in for the rest of the week too, including a run to St. Asaph in Wales

Week 5 – (End Jan-Start Feb)

Wait, we’re off to the Lakes again!? Yes we were. This time just outside Keswick to a construction site at Derwent Water (see main photo). More narrow roads to navigate, but we don’t mind when we get a good opportunity. Low flying jets followed by a peaceful walk and more scenery photos. Turning our work into a hobby makes it all worthwhile.

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