Delivery Drivers Diary – No.2 – Week 41 (2022)

Courier Driver diary week 41 in the Queensway tunnel liverpool to birkenhead

On to our second week reporting on the places we get to and the types of deliveries we handle.

This week was fairly quiet really, with not a huge amount to report on. That’s fairly typical for a mid-month week. The last week of every month is usually the busiest, with the exception for December when everyone is rushing to get orders shipped out and completed before the holidays.

The weather was surprisingly good for most of the time we were out and about given that it’s October and this is where the seasons really start to change. Week 41 leaves us with only 11 left to the end of the the year so winter is fast approaching.

Monday 10th / Tuesday 11th October 2022

Pretty uneventful with regards to road journeys, but had meetings with new potential customers (which is a big part of being the owner AND the driver). Also had to take care of the other side of Avango – our Couriers TV brand.

Wednesday 12th October 2022

Back at in with regular running around our new spiritual home which seems to be the entire Stockport postcode area. It’s non-stop here right now. Reddish to Cheadle, Stockport to somewhere else in Stockport. It never stops. But that’s okay because work is work.

Thursday 13th October 2022

pallet of packaging delivered by courier in greater manchester

And here we go again. We’ve been running around the M60 so often lately that I think I can see our tyre prints in the motorway surface.

At least on this occasion it also included a run out a bit further to Mossley. And it also involved picking up a selection of goods from 3 separate sites, one of which was helping to distribute a pallet of packaging as seen above.

There’s definitely something about doing small van courier work- people seem so much more friendly. It’s as if the van is less intimidating. Which is fine with me. I’d rather be more approachable and if the van helps, that’s good.

Friday 14th October 2022

Here we go! Finally a run away from the M60 (well, we still had to use a bit of it, but not our usual part).

Bury to Birkenhead. A trip over the water, or under it to be more precise because we took the tunnel. And this Friday was destined to finish in an even better way. Because we got a delivery back from Widnes to Trafford Park!

Getting an almost perfect backload is a rare thing in transport.

Want to hear something even better? We even got chance to nip to Greggs for a coffee too! A 5 minute break to grab a brew is like gold to us.

Look out for a video version of the diary in conjunction with Couriers TV – coming soon.

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