Delivery Drivers Diary – No.4 – Week 43 (2022)

Courier Driver diary week 43 M5 North

The final week of October (week 43 of the year so far) was a fair old mixed bag. Two days reduced work due to van maintenance and meetings, but then it went out with a bumper 500-mile journey.

Monday 24th October 2022

Simple little repeat work. It’s the foundation of what we do – courier services in Manchester. Not the most exciting work to talk about but to a transport company this is our bread and butter. And we’re grateful for it too.

Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 27th October 2022

Couple of days off the road with some vehicle maintenance work and meetings, nothing much to tell.

Thursday 27th October 2022

Back to the roads and an urgent delivery from Wigan over to Wirral – if nothing else it was a chance to test out the new brakes we’d had fitted to the van. All good so far.

Friday 28th October 2022

Finally – A mighty run! This is the type of journey Avango was built on, but with some of the challenges we’ve faced in 2022 they’ve become a bit less frequent.

Anyway – our metaphorical bags were packed and we were off to Portsmouth. 250 miles each way give or take a couple depending on route. The delivery went smoothly but the travelling was the big story of the day.

It could not have been more of a contrast of two journeys. The route down was simple, fast, traffic free for the most part.

The route home was just stop-start once we reached Worcester and it never ended. That’s typical of Friday’s in the UK and one of the reasons we try to stick to local work if we have the choice.

Britain’s road infrastructure just cannot cope any more and it’s Fridays that are the worst time to move. Something needs to change.

Look out for a video version of the diary in conjunction with Couriers TV – coming soon.

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