Delivery Drivers Diary – No.6 – Week 45 (2022)

Manchester city centre after lockdown with metrolink tram

We’re getting steadily closer to the end of the year. And because of that, we’re also getting busier. Week 45 leaves just 7 remaining till we turn the calendars to 2023.

Which is nice. That’s what all businesses want, right?

That used to be what it was about. Although sometimes you can get the wrong type of work. Or the right type of work, but the wrong amount of money to do it. Some people will always try and take advantage of someone else’s good nature.

Monday 7th November 2022

This is the case in question. One of the companies we sub-contract for called desperate for someone to cover a load outside of our usual ‘catchment zone’. We agreed to help out and raced off to the outer reaches of East Lancashire.

Goods loaded and carried back to good old Wigan.

The following week we found out that this job paid significantly less than what we had been led to understand. And that’s the downside of business sometimes. Same-day courier services usually happen so quickly that you don’t always have time to go through all the details with a fine-tooth comb.

Don’t break your back to help anyone that doesn’t appreciate it.

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Avango Couriers small van delivery using our transit connect called 'Connie'

This is more like it. Cheadle to Preston with a nice simple job that pays well and pays quickly, followed up with a couple of local runs later that day.

The right delivery work at the right price is all we ask, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to get it.

(PS – we used the same picture as last weeks diary because we collected from the same place)

Wednesday 9th November 2022

This was a BUSY one.

Yep. We used the big letters to emphasise it.

Bury, Stockport, Salford, Bolton… lots of local collections and drop-offs.

Was also good fun too. Although one site had such a small access point that we’re extremely happy we didn’t use a bigger van.

Thursday 10th November 2022

As always with us, we have other work to do outside of the courier work. Thursday was one such example. Nothing much to talk about as meetings are hardly exciting at the best of times. Unless they’re the ones where a new deal or partnership gets approved (hint hint).

Friday 11th November 2022

A day off for this driver!

Look out for a video version of the diary in conjunction with Couriers TV – coming soon.

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