Delivery Vehicles

Find out about common the types of vans used for our dedicated transport services

Small Vans

These are typically the smallest vehicles we use for many of our deliveries.

Their size means they are perfect for city centre deliveries of urgent parcels and documents, whilst their light weight and small engines make them extremely fuel-efficient and the most environmentally-friendly vehicles available to us.

We are looking into replacing these with Electric vehicles in the future.

Capacity: 6 large boxes / 1 small pallet up to max 600kg

Midi Vans

The next step up from the small vans, but still relatively small

They are great for deliveries of items such as parcels, or collecting luggage (suitcases, bags etc.) or small items of furniture.

Capacity: 10 large boxes / 2 small pallets up to max 900kg

Medium to Large Vans

This is where the real work is done. The medium to large van category is what most people class as the 'Transit' or 'Sprinter' van level

Whilst the shorter variants can carry the heavier loads (the 3 metre vans often carry up to 1500kg) the longer variants measure up to 4.2 metres in load length and carry anything up to 4 standard (UK) pallets, or 4 metre lengths of wood/metal/plastic etc., although they are limited to a lower weight capacity at around 1000kg

Capacity: 30-50 large boxes / 2-4 standard pallets up to max 1500kg

Specialised vans - Lutons, Curtain-sides etc.

Luton vans (like the one shown opposite) are much more expensive to operate and as such are less common.

They are useful because they have a very large load area and often feature a tail-lift which assists with loading heavy items when there is no fork-lift available. The downside is that the lifts reduce their weight capacity.

Capacity: 80 large boxes / Up to 4 standard pallets up to max 1000kg