Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Solutions for Businesses

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Today, we want to help you with environmentally-friendly packaging options. If you plan to use courier services to send a large volume of parcels, use eco-friendly packaging methods could have positive effects for your business.

Use Recyclable Packaging

We’re sure this first point kind of speaks for itself but using recyclable materials is one way to be environmentally friendly. If your business sends a large volume of parcels via courier then minimising your use of single-use packaging materials will help improve your environmental footprint.

Recyclable packaging doesn’t have to be restricted to just using cardboard boxes either. Instead think outside the box…or rather think inside the box. You may find yourself often using packaging fillers to help protect the contents of your delivery.

Foam peanuts are a common type of packaging filler but they often wind up in landfill. Instead, consider using biodegradable air pillows or if you’re looking for a cheaper, eco-friendly option recycled shredded paper or even popcorn (who knew!) could do the trick.

Avoid Single-Use Plastics

Following on from recyclable packaging, we’re sure you’re fully aware of the negatives of single-use plastics. With plastic bag and straw bans being imposed across the country, it’s time we all start doing our part to reduce plastic waste.

If the items you send aren’t large enough to require a cardboard box, you may find yourself reaching for the plastic mailing bags. Before you place your next order for mailing bags though, we recommend choosing eco-friendly mailing bags made from recycled or recyclable plastic.

After all, every small action helps when it comes to reducing plastic waste!

Use the Correct Sized Box

Using the right sized boxes for your deliveries can help prevent you from unnecessarily wasting packaging material. Many retailers and companies have received backlash from customers over wasteful packaging so make sure you stay one step ahead of the game by being mindful of how well-packaged your shipments are.

As well as making sure you aren’t wasting valuable packaging resources, using the correct size box will also help your business’ bank account by reducing the total size of your shipment compared to if you used extra large box regardless of how big or small the contents were! By using smaller boxes, you may find that you only need a small van and so can save on eco-friendly delivery services.

Reuse materials

As we mentioned near the start, the first step to being environmentally-friendly is to use recyclable materials.

Another way to do this is to recycle the boxes you receive. If your company receives a lot of goods-in, why not reuse any packaging materials that you can?

If opened with care, most boxes should be suitable for re-use, as long as you make sure to remove or cover up any existing delivery labels or shipment information that may have been applied to the box. This tip is especially useful if you are a small business looking to save money!

Show Your Customers That You Care

In today’s fast-growing world, people are growing more and more concerned about sustainability. Using sustainable packaging solutions is a great way to demonstrate to your customers that you are a company that cares.

Another bonus of being more environmentally conscious is that it can also have economical benefits for your business. Re-using material and sourcing sustainable packaging can be more cost-effective than using single-use materials or sending usable packaging straight to landfill.

We hope you found these simple eco-friendly packaging tips useful. If you would like to find out more about the courier services offered by our team at Avango Couriers then please get in touch with us today.

Article written for Avango Couriers by Tasmin Lofthouse.

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