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Handle with care


Here at Avango we’re the kind of people that believe if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

When it comes to loading our vehicles, whether it’s two expensive and very fragile pieces of art, or an entire van full of timber, we like to know that everything is going to get from A-to-B in the exact condition it was handed to us.

We might even be accused of going a bit over the top with the level of thought that is put into the way we load vehicles, but surely it’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? Well that’s what I think anyway, and in the past week we have received some fantastic feedback from 3 completely contrasting deliveries and we couldn’t be happier to know all of these customers are pleased with our efforts.

Firstly we delivered a large load of cushions to a logistics hub in the midlands for a new customer. It was a load that was easy to handle and wasn’t really at risk of coming to too much harm, but accidents can still happen.

Next we collected two high-value pictures/paintings that had just been framed and delivered them out to their individual recipients. These were extremely fragile and required the utmost care to ensure safe delivery.

Then finally we carried a huge load consisting of sections of an outdoor wooden play area for a school. We estimated the load weighed over 1000kgs and many sections required 2-3 people to lift safely. These goods are built so well they were unlikely to come to much harm, but we still handle with care.

All three customers gave us amazing feedback on these deliveries, including “the service has been great”, “we can always count on Avango” and “thank you for a very professional service”

Hearing this from your customers helps remind you that the extra effort you put in goes a long way.

If there’s anything you need delivering, whether it’s fragile or unbreakable, why not get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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