How Far Could a Courier Drive?

Avango Couriers Drive Far long Road

The reason for this article is actually interesting. Well, I think it is. You see we have just had one of our busiest weeks ever. In the last 7 days our largest van (that we have nicknamed ‘Vicky’) has covered some 1,326 miles. That’s an average of having to drive almost 190 miles per day.

And that got me thinking. When I was a child, everything seemed to be based on explaining things by likening them to others. You know the stuff, like “If all the cars on earth were laid end-to-end they would reach to the sun and back 13 times”. Please note I just made that ‘fact’ up, I doubt it’s anywhere near true.

So I wondered. If I had travelled all those miles in one straight journey, where could I have travelled to and from

1) Drive from Manchester to Monte Carlo, Via Milan


For the first journey, I decided to start from the place I know fairly well. After all, surely you’ve noticed how often we’ve pointed out that we’re Manchester Couriers, haven’t you?

There are many places that you can get to if you drive 1,300 miles from here. Although depending which direction you go, you’re going to get VERY wet. So you’ll be wanting to head South-East and across the channel to Europe if you want to continue using roads.

It soon occurred to me that I could use a route that I had travelled some years ago now when I used to be a biker. Myself and a few friends spent a couple of weeks riding around, and seeing which way the road took us.

Three Motorcycles and a Formula 1 Tunnel

After disembarking from the ferry in Calais, we had an overnight stay to get out bearings in France, then over the next few days headed down to Lyon, through Geneva and into Northern Italy, eventually reaching Milan. I love Milan, for many reasons, but I’ll save that information for another story.

We didn’t stay in Milan for long, instead we popped up to Lake Como and the amazing little town of Lecco. After that we headed down to the Mediterranean coast and stopped in Genoa and had a great couple of days there, meeting the loveliest restaurant owner ever.

Next we headed along the coast to San Remo and then down into the principality of Monaco, where probably every millionaire in the world either has a home, or is about to, and of course being petrol-heads we had to do the tourist thing of riding the Grand Prix circuit.

All this clocks in at a drive of approximately 1,310 miles. And our tour was cut a little shorter than expected after a few hiccups. Including one where a motorcycle and rider ended up in a ditch. Don’t worry, they both lived.

2) Do a Lap of the UK & Ireland Capital Cities. London – Edinburgh – Belfast – Dublin – Cardiff


When you’re very young, everywhere can seem so far away. Even a trip to the supermarket can be met with the sounds of ‘Are we nearly there yet?’.

I’m really surprised me being a professional delivery driver has conditioned me to thinking that 150 miles is ‘just a quick journey’. I now break journey’s down into hours, and 150 miles is usually around 3 hours’ driving. That’s not even half a days work to many of us.

When you look at the fact that it’s possible to drive to all the capital cities of the UK and Ireland in fewer miles than I’ve covered in one week’s work. According to Google Maps, this would come in at around 1,123 miles, although I think that’s including the ferry journeys across the Irish Sea.

What with ‘Brexit’ now, maybe the government might just need some documents delivering to all the official offices in each of those cities.

Well, we’re ready when needed, just contact us here.

3) Drive from New York City to Omaha (Somewhere in Middle America, apparently).


Depending on the route you take, it’s possible you could make it more than 1/3rd of the way across America. Leaving Central Manhattan and taking in the sights of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Columbus (Ohio) and Indianapolis (Indiana) and then heading up to Des Moines (Iowa) comes in at 1,325 miles.

Rumour has it there may be a man with a beard of bees, or possibly a Chicken that plays tick-tack-toe along this route. Only people aged 30+ that watched ‘Friends‘ in the 90s will probably get that.

I love being a courier, because I love to drive. So much so, that random driving-related things pop into my head all the time. Such as wondering how far I've driven, and where I could get to if I were to drive different routes.

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