How much stuff would a courier van carry, if a courier van could carry stuff?

Avango Couriers Manchester LWB Large Van Illustration

It’s time for a mid-week masterclass here at Avango Couriers Limited. And in true ACL style, we’re doing it with a bit of a fun twist. As you can tell by our poor attempt at a tongue-twister headline to start this article. The purpose of this article is good though. It’s to explain how much you can typically send with us in each different size van.

We want to help you understand which van you will need for your delivery. So here goes…


Avango Couriers Manchester Small Van Illustration

The small van category is the smallest vehicle size we offer. These are typically vehicles such as Citroen Berlingo and Ford Transit Connect. The load space inside this vans can vary between 1.2m to 1.8m in length and roughly 1.4m in width. Heights inside the back also vary, but we stick to a rigid 1m load height when we’re working out available spaces, as it doesn’t help anyone to try and cram too much into a van – it’s always worth leaving a little space available.

When it comes to working out how much we can carry in each van, we use volumetric space on Cubic metres. So we times length x width x height.
This gives us a working space area of between 1.68 cubic metres and 2.52 cubic metres.

If you want to send things like A4 document boxes, measure their dimensions and use the same formula above to see how many will fit in a small van.

We will also need to know the weights of the goods you’re looking to send. We have a weight limit of around 700Kg in place for small van shipments.

Short-Wheelbase (SWB) VANS

Avango Couriers Manchester Short-wheelbase Van Illustration

Short-wheelbase Vans, also known as SWB, are one of the most common requested vehicles for many business customers looking to have quite a few boxes or slightly larger items transported (things such as exhibition stands are common here).

Load dimensions here vary between 2.4m to 2.9m length on the vehicles we regularly use, with a width of 1.4m and max height of 1.3m.
This gives us a range of 4.3 – 5.2 cubic metres of space.

Medium-Wheebase (MWB) and Long-Wheelbase (LWB) VANS

Avango Couriers Manchester LWB Large Van Illustration

We chose to categorise the Medium and Long-Wheelbase vans into the same group here at Avango Couriers Manchester because most of the customers we work with don’t really need to be specific between the two options. Medium Wheelbase have a higher weight carrying capacity, whereas the Long-wheelbase can (obviously) carry longer items and have a larger volumetric capacity.

Things also get a little more confusing here as well. Different manufacturers of vans tend to specify their lengths slightly differently. A Mercedes Sprinter MWB and LWB is actually placed in a different class of ours compared to a Ford Transit which comparatively is a LWB and XLWB. So we remove those choices and just class them as our ‘Large Vans’.

Load lengths here can vary from 2.5m to 3.9m
Widths are approximately 1.6m
Heights are fixed at 1.5m
Giving a total volumetric space range of between 6 and 9.3 cubic metres

A simple reference is that a medium wheelbase van is good for 2 standard pallets (1.2m x 1m) and a Long-Wheelbase van has a 3-pallet load space.

With Regards to load weights – We limit MWB Vans to an absolute maximum of 1.4 tonnes (1400Kgs) and LWB Vans to 1.2 tonnes (1200Kgs)

Extra-Long Wheelbase (XLWB) Vans

Avango Couriers Manchester LWB Large Van Illustration

These are the biggest available standard (panel) vans we have available to our customers. You see a lot of these working for companies like DPD, Yodel, Evri (formerly Hermes), and Parcel Force. People tend to generalise them as ‘Sprinter‘ vans, but that’s a misnomer. Sprinters are a specific model made by Mercedes, and XLWB vans are available from many manufacturers such as Iveco, Ford, Volkswagen etc.

The XLWB van category for us starts from 4m load length upwards, and this means it’s good for a 4-pallet load space.

Lengths range from 4m to 4.5m
Width is 1.6m
Height is 1.75 – 2.1m
Giving a total volumetric space range of between 11 and 15 cubic metres

Load weights reduce with XLWB vans.
The absolute maximum of 0.95 tonnes (950Kgs) is available and this reduces if you require longer/taller vans.

Specialist Vans (Luton, Flatbed, Dropside etc.)

Avango Couriers Manchester Flatbed-dropside pickup Van Illustration

We do not offer Lutons and Pickup style vehicles by default, but if you require these we can arrange them on a pre-booking only service.

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