It’s The Same Service But It Costs Less

Peugeot Citroen Fiat same van in white

Many people know that occasionally some ‘brand name’ products and ‘stores own’ products are virtually the exact same thing. The products are made in the same factory, by the same company. They just get sold under different names and each company charges a different amount for what is essentially the same product.

Let’s look at vehicle manufacturers for an example.

Peugeot and Citroen are part of the same company. They are owned by the PSA Group.

They make vehicles such as the Peugeot Boxer van and the Citroen Relay van. These vans are almost identical, except for small things like trim and the logos.

Fiat and Vauxhall also sell the exact same vehicles (Fiat Ducato and Vauxhall Movano). And it’s even available in America under the Dodge brand.

All these vehicles are made in one factory, but sold in different showrooms at different prices. You can buy any of them, so wouldn’t you choose the cheapest one if you know they’re all the same?

The same true for many industries. And transport is no different.

Selling a service instead of a product is the same theory.

In transport, companies like us here at Avango are selling a service, not a product. We sell the solution to your logistical issues. Collecting and delivering of goods.

Now if you do a Google search for ‘courier services‘ you will probably find hundreds of businesses that can offer the service you need.

Many people make their choice from the top few results, assuming that they’re the best in the business. You probably check out their feedback and go with them because of how many people would recommend them?

But would it surprise you that on many occasions, the top courier companies will sub-contract your work out to smaller delivery service providers like us here at Avango?

The feedback the big-name brands earn is usually off the back of small, independent couriers and owner-drivers. After all, we’re the ones actually doing the delivery work.

So why should you care?

You’re probably wondering why it matters who you choose. You want your goods taken from A-to-B and that’s all.

Well it’s 2022 as I write this. In case you haven’t heard the news, inflation is out of control right now. Prices for everything are increasing. So it would be wise to re-evaluate how much you spend on all the goods and services your business uses.

If you can buy the same product or service for less, wouldn’t you do it?

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