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Manchester city centre after lockdown with metrolink tram

Delivery Drivers Diary – No.6 – Week 45 (2022)

We’re getting steadily closer to the end of the year. And because of that, we’re also getting busier. Week 45 leaves just 7 remaining till we turn the calendars to 2023. Which is nice. That’s what all businesses want, right? That used to be what it was about. Although sometimes

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entrance to the water treatement works for week 44 drivers diary

Delivery Drivers Diary – No.5 – Week 44 (2022)

Week 5 of our drivers diary takes place on Week 44 of the year. I know, it’s a bit weird how we started this so far through the year, but that’s how things go sometimes. Have you never heard that saying “Start where you are, use what you have, do

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Courier Driver diary week 43 M5 North

Delivery Drivers Diary – No.4 – Week 43 (2022)

The final week of October (week 43 of the year so far) was a fair old mixed bag. Two days reduced work due to van maintenance and meetings, but then it went out with a bumper 500-mile journey. Monday 24th October 2022 Simple little repeat work. It’s the foundation of

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Courier Driver diary week 41 in the Queensway tunnel liverpool to birkenhead

Delivery Drivers Diary – No.2 – Week 41 (2022)

On to our second week reporting on the places we get to and the types of deliveries we handle. This week was fairly quiet really, with not a huge amount to report on. That’s fairly typical for a mid-month week. The last week of every month is usually the busiest,

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Avango Couriers delivery driver going up narrow lane

Delivery Drivers Diary – No.1 – Week 40 (2022)

Welcome to the very first entry in our new series called our ‘Driver Diary’. A weekly report on where we go and what we deliver. We’re starting on week 40, commencing 3rd October 2022. We want to give our customers a bit more insight into what we do and how

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Peugeot Citroen Fiat same van in white

It’s The Same Service But It Costs Less

Many people know that occasionally some ‘brand name’ products and ‘stores own’ products are virtually the exact same thing. The products are made in the same factory, by the same company. They just get sold under different names and each company charges a different amount for what is essentially the

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Avango Couriers Manchester Shop Local Campaign

Shop Local and Work With Local Small Businesses

It’s 2020. Everything’s a big mess. The economy is in tatters and people are losing their collective marbles with the constant changing of rules around our freedoms. It’s arguably never been harder to run a small business, which is why we’re encouraging people to shop local. This has been a

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Avango Couriers Drive Far long Road

How Far Could a Courier Drive?

I love being a courier, because I love to drive. So much so, that random driving-related things pop into my head all the time. Such as wondering how far I’ve driven, and where I could get to if I were to drive different routes.

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