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More Than One Way to Get a Pallet Delivery

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Over the past 10 years or so, the rise of the ‘network’ has completely overhauled the way pallet delivery works. Haulage companies from around the UK all shook hands, built huge transfer hubs and worked together so that each of them gets a piece of the work and a piece of the profit.

This is generally a good thing. It’s helped bring down the costs of delivery services for the end customer because of the sheer volume of goods going through these networks that each haulier brought to the party. Full vehicles means the costs of operating the vehicles are more often covered, so the price for delivery can be reduced.

But, and it’s a big but, volume comes with it’s own problems. Trucks go in, pallets come off, more trucks come in pallets go on, and then the process happens again and again depending on how far away the collection address is from the delivery address.

If you’re used to using services like this, you’ll probably have had at least one occasion where you’ve been informed that your pallet has ‘gone missing’ or been damaged in transit.

Good and Fast UK Pallet Delivery

We’re big believers in a philosophy we found on the internet recently, that “we offer 3 services, you can pick any 2 – Good, Fast & Cheap“. You can can use that philosophy to understand what kind of service you are likely to get.

Modern pallet networks are trying to be fast and they offer their services cheap, which means that the ‘good’ aspect is sometimes missing from the equation.

Here at Avango, we have now launched our own UK Pallet Delivery service, which instead focuses on the GOOD and FAST aspects, which as you can imagine is less likely to be CHEAP.

That’s not to say we’re expensive, but it’s all a matter of how important your goods are to you. Do you want them delivered very quickly and in perfect condition, or are you happy to wait and risk them being damaged through constant unloading/reloading as they are trans-shipped onto various different vehicles.

Our focus is to deliver palletised goods the same way we handle all our other same day deliveries, and that is with ‘dedicated’ transport. One consignment goes on one vehicle, and nothing changes until it’s delivered. No other goods, no stopping and transferring to another vehicle, just direct A-to-B.

So if you want to take a different approach to then get in touch with us now.

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