News: UK HGV Driver Shortage Causing Logistical Issues. Couriers Available

HGV trucks parked up with no driver shortage

It’s becoming apparent that there is a major driver shortage in the number of HGV drivers available to the logistics industry right now, and that is seeing delays across the supply chain.

The huge increases in online shopping, coupled with the re-opening of many businesses has meant that many logistics operators are seeing huge demand for goods, but many don’t have the drivers available to cope with the requirements.

Some sources have claimed that the matter has been made worse since Brexit, due to a number of European drivers having headed back to the continent. Things have also gotten worse in the past few months due to driving tests having been delayed due to COVID.

Pallet distribution services are doing all they can to cope, but even with their vast resources some members are still struggling to find cover for loads.

An option many are turning to now is to use courier services to cover smaller, more urgent deliveries. Most courier businesses have 3.5 tonne rated vehicles, and some even have HGV’s, meaning they are well placed to step in to support this current requirement.

Pallet delivery is a fairly simple service and often a local courier company like Avango in Manchester can offer better rates to transport small volumes of pallets over short-medium distances. And even better, couriers deliver same-day instead of next day, as they don’t operate through warehouses and transfer hubs.

If your business is struggling to get your goods transported because your current provider doesn’t have drivers for their HGV’s, then call Avango and see if we can get your urgent orders moving again.

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