Prices, Restrictions & Other Courier Service Information

We don’t broadcast all our prices because things can change quickly with transport, and a price listed one week may need adjusting the next as our biggest expense, fuel prices, can differ on a weekly basis but you can see our standard minimum charges and other fees explained below.

Charging Area – Zone 1 – British Mainland (Excl. Zone 2&3)

Our standard minimum charges shown above covers deliveries where the collection address is located anywhere in the British mainland excluding zones 2&3 shown below. Zone 1 features some areas where we can collect faster than others, these are our Prime Locations.

Charging Area – Zone 2 – London

Deliveries that have a collection or delivery address inside the M25 are subject to numerous regulations and fees such as the congestion zone charge, tolls and parking restrictions. Please contact us for prices on any deliveries you may need in this area.

Charging Area – Zone 3 – Scottish Highlands & Islands

Due to its remote nature and fewer drivers being available across these areas, deliveries with a collection address located in the Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands and other Islands (such as the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and others) are charged differently and are subject to longer collection times. Please contact us for prices on any deliveries you may need in this area.


Other Fees and Further Information

Loading or Waiting Time

If the goods being transported require manual handling to load, or if the driver is made to wait more than 30 minutes, then a charge of £20 per 30 minutes (or part thereof) is charged AFTER the first 30 minutes.


Goods-in-Transit are covered to a maximum of £25,000. Extended cover can be arranged on request, please let us know if you require this.

Long Term Rewards

Continue to use us on a regular basis and we’ll offer incentives to reduce your bills or make it easier to pay, including 30-day payment accounts and discounts for businesses spending over a certain amount each month (subject to good payment history).

Dedicated Deliveries, Direct From A-to-B

Your delivery will be considered ‘dedicated’ unless you specifically ask for shared space, or ‘co-loading’, to reduce your price. This means that when we collect your goods, they will be carried directly to their destination, without stopping to pick anything else up, reducing the risk of damage or loss.

Vehicle Sizes and Charges

You will never be charged for more than the size of vehicle you require. If all you need is a small van and we send a large van, then you still only pay SMALL van rates. Our transport is organised for best efficiency for all parties involved.


How to Pay

One-off (or ad-hoc) deliveries must be paid upfront unless you are already an account customer.

  1. New / Non-Account Customers
    We use a service called Payatrader to receive credit and debit card payments from new and non-account customers. Payments can be taken over the phone, although for extra privacy and security we prefer customers to pay online at the secure Payatrader website. We do not keep any records of your card details. Just click the button below and follow the instructions.Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services

  2. Account Customers / Contract / Regular Deliveries
    For account customers and regular pallet delivery customers, we are able to offer a wider range of payment facilities including 30-day payment accounts that allow you to pay by BACS and we will soon also be adding Direct Debit facilities along with our pre-pay discount services (please ask for details).