Prime Locations

The towns and cities best served by Avango Couriers for quick collections.

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What are Prime Locations?

Highly populated towns and cities with a larger number of business parks and industrial areas are more likely to have couriers near by.

It’s just a fact that in places with smaller populations and less industry, there will be less need for goods vehicles to be regularly available.

Some locations are good, others are even better.

These places are what we call our Prime Service Locations.

Once upon a time, couriers were limited to serving a small number of customers from close to their office locations.

Now, with advanced technology allowing us to create networks across the entire country, it almost doesn’t matter where our office is, we collect and deliver almost anywhere in the UK.

The only difference is that we can often collect more quickly from the major cities like Manchester, Birmingham and London. 

Keep your friends close, but your couriers closer.

If you need goods collecting from the coasts of South West Wales, or North East Scotland, there will be fewer vehicles available at any one time. At least compared to within 10 miles of Manchester for example.

So that’s why we have created this ‘Prime Service Locations‘ list, to give you an idea of what areas we’ll be more likely to get your goods collected at the shortest notice

Prime Collection Zones 1-3 (North West England)

Greater Manchester

This is where we earned a reputation as the GREATER Manchester Couriers. Both our director and the business were born and raised right here. We know most of these areas very well having lived and worked in the borough for over 40 years.

Prime Location 01 – Greater Manchester – 30-60 Min. Collection Time.

These locations are closest to where most of our vehicles are located. This means response times are low and we can usually have goods on-board within 1 hour. The downside to these areas is that many of them are heavily populated, so trying to get to a collection during peak periods can be slower. Areas include:

Altrincham & Sale | Bolton & Bury | Oldham & Rochdale | Salford & Swinton
Stockport | Manchester (City Centre) | Wigan & Leigh

Prime Location 02 – Cheshire – 30-75 Min. Collection Time.

Cheshire covers a fairly large area. Warrington and Runcorn are fairly easy for us to access, but Macclesfield can take longer due to lack of motorways.

Chester | Crewe | Macclesfield | Runcorn | Warrington | Winsford

Prime Location 03 – Lancashire – 45-90 Min. Collection Time.

Lancashire is well served by motorways which means faster journey times, but trying to reach further away places like Blackpool and Lancaster can increase collection times.

Blackburn | Blackpool | Burnley | Chorley | Preston | Lancaster

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Prime Collection Zones 4-6 (Birmingham & W/ Midlands)

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Prime Collection Zones 7-10 (Greater London & The City)

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