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Avango Couriers on Social Media
We are active on a number of different social channels, so why not add us or follow us to your network on whichever social platform you use.

Facebook - We use Facebook more than anything else, to post updates and notifications of work we've been doing or upcoming offers, plus pictures from places we get to.
Google+ - A general mix of informative updates and photos.
LinkedIn - For any professional types out there that would like to connect with us, either follow the company updates or link directly with our employees.
Instagram - This is new for us, but so far we are enjoying added random photos from our adventures - look out for more to come on this page in 2017.
Pinterest - We've really started to enjoy this lately, posting photos and picking up on ideas from other pages to make themes related to the transport and logistics sector.
Tumblr - This is one of our newer accounts and is mostly dedicated to photos of drivers exploits around the UK.
Twitter - We often use Twitter to give quick updates of our activities.
Avango Couriers Selected Partners
We work closely with a selected network of other companies in order to provide the best possible service to our customers as well as promoting other relevant opportunities.

Couriers.TV - Avango Couriers is an official launch partner of Couriers.TV, a new YouTube Channel featuring dashcam footage and other informative videos relating to the Express Same-Day Logistics industry.
General Courier and Logistics information

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