UK Same-Day Delivery Services

Local & National Express Delivery at Competitive Prices.

Same-Day Delivery Services

Dedicated Transportation For Any Industry

You call us, we organise a vehicle, collect your goods and drive direct to the destination. That’s how simple a delivery can be.

You can even book ahead of time too. Many of our customers have deadlines to meet and can work around things like production schedules, and they book us early so that we can be ready as soon as the goods are.

Examples of who we already work with;
Construction/Building Trades

We often move building supplies as soon as they’re needed from builders/plumbers merchants etc.
– Medical: Such as COVID tests, or samples from local hospitals that need urgent transport to labs, or equipment and supplies into hospitals.


A huge part of our business is transporting supplies and materials to and from factories around the UK.


We often carry legal documents to clients and courts etc. on behalf of solicitors.


We’re a major part of keeping the retail supply chain moving, by collecting palletised goods and distributing to stores all over the UK.

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Safe & Secure Transportation

No Transfers, Hubs or Overnight Stops

When you send goods direct, you are reducing the risk of your goods being lost or damaged in transit. Because there are no overnight transfers into warehouses like with next-day providers, your items are loaded onto a vehicle and carried direct to destination.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of a package going missing with one of the overnight parcel companies, it’s usually caused by this process. Your package is off-loaded from one vehicle, into a warehouse and then transferred to another warehouse etc. The more stages you have, the more risk. With our dedicated solutions there are no unnecessary stops.

Same Day Courier Service Prices

Minimum Charges and Payment Options

Prices shown below are the standard minimum charge for the first 30 miles from the collection address. Here are the basic guidelines we use to calculate your price.

The size of the vehicle you require.

The larger the van required, the more the job is likely to cost.

The distance between collection address and destination address.

There is a minimum charge which covers the first 30 miles of all bookings (see above). If your consignment needs to travel more than 30 miles, a per-mile rate is then added after the 30th mile.

We’re happy to provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote so that you can get an idea of what you may be looking to pay. Quotes for our express transport services can be provided instantly, whilst Eco-friendly options may take up to 24 hours.

New customers get a 10% discount off their first 10 same day bookings

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Small Van

Equal to 1 pallet space:
1m x 1.2m x 1m
500Kg max weight



Large Van

Up to 3 pallet spaces:
1m x 1.2m x 1.5m (each)
1000Kg max weight (total)



Extra-Large Van

Up to 4 pallet spaces:
1m x 1.2m x 1.75m (each)
1000Kg max weight (total)



Reasons to Choose Avango

Whats Makes Us Great?

There are lots of transport companies to choose from, so why should you pick us?

Zero Insurance Claims

We’ve been in business over 9 years and we’ve never had a customer place a claim for lost or damaged goods. We think that’s pretty impressive!

We All Speak English

We believe that communication is everything. Most problems can be overcome as long as everyone is clear what’s required. For that reason we only use drivers that can read, write and speak clear English so that nothing gets lost in translation.

We’re Much Better Value Than The Big Name Companies

We regularly check our prices out against the competition and recently found that we’re more than 30% cheaper than CitySprint for large van bookings.

We can help with all aspects of Logistics

Logistics is the all-encompassing term for end-to-end moving and storage of goods. And we’re connected to all the best people in the transport industry.

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