Pallet Distribution & Same Day Pallet Delivery

Distributing palletised goods is where it all started for us here at Avango as we used to handle sub-contract deliveries for a large UK pallet delivery network, and it’s what we still focus much of our efforts on today.

We are often called in by the large pallet networks to assist with either collecting from the sender’s location and dropping into a regional operator’s hub, or the reverse process – collecting from a regional hub and delivering directly to the recipient’s address.

We’re the first to admit we can’t compete with the national hauliers that carry large volumes of pallets, but as we’re able to tailor our services and prices specifically to suit small-to-medium sized businesses that regularly despatch goods to various locations, we think we can provide an excellent service to businesses that ship goods out on a smaller scale.

We can usually offer better same-day and next-day rates on loads of around 2-3 pallets per delivery address within 200 miles of Manchester (excluding central London) because you’re cutting out the middle-man and working directly with us.

The Standard Pallet Network Delivery Process

  • The goods are collected from your warehouse using either a van or a truck and taken to the hub nearest to your location.
  • Once offloaded, they are sorted to go with other pallets heading to the same part of the country as your delivery.
  • Then they are re-loaded onto a new vehicle that will travel overnight to the next hub.
  • Once at the hub closest your customers address, the pallets are offloaded again, ready to be placed onto the delivery vehicle.
  • In the morning, the delivery vehicle, containing anywhere up to 26 pallets, then sets off to deliver to each customer, including yours.
For: Cheaper Rates per pallet as your goods share space across the network with other deliveries
Against: Slower delivery times, risk of damage or loss due to transhipping and shared space
next day pallet distribution diagram

Benefits of Using a Same-Day Pallet Courier

  • Dedicated transport – When using a dedicated courier service your goods are not at risk of being lost or damaged due to transferring vehicles.
  • Same-Day delivery option – depending on time constraints, some deliveries can be collected and delivered by same-day courier vehicles when your customer requires goods urgently.
  • Wait and Return – if your business needs to exchange pallets we can have drivers wait, re-load and return straight back to your premises.
For: Much faster, direct delivery reduces risk of loss or damage
Against: More expensive as vehicle is dedicated to your delivery
same day pallet distribution diagram

New Service Website

In 2018 we realised this service was growing into an important part of our business, and as we expanded it and partnered with other businesses, we created a dedicated website just for the network pallet deliveries. Take a look by clicking the button below.