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Avango Couriers Manchester Shop Local Campaign

It’s 2020. Everything’s a big mess. The economy is in tatters and people are losing their collective marbles with the constant changing of rules around our freedoms. It’s arguably never been harder to run a small business, which is why we’re encouraging people to shop local.

This has been a difficult year for everyone and the end still isn’t in sight just yet. But we’re all making changes and looking at ways to work together to make things better again. One of the things we can do right now, is to buy products and services from each other, rather than abroad.

Britain Can Do It All

You might not be old enough to remember (in fact I’m not either), but there was a time when almost everything the UK needed, it made and sold for itself. There was a time where we didn’t order cheap products direct from China, Asia or Europe. And I fully believe we are about to see a second-wave of self-sufficiency in the UK.

When Brexit is fully sorted, there’s a chance that products from many foreign countries will become more expensive. Which creates a perfect environment for us to make things for ourselves cheaper than we can buy them from abroad.

Shopping Local Helps Every Part of the Chain

The benefits of shopping local also mean that the flow of money from each transaction runs straight back into our own economy. When a member of the public buys from a local shop, that shop buys from a local supplier and the local supplier buys from the local manufacturer…and that manufacturer pays their staff, who then shop locally.

The community wins and grows through it’s own efforts.

Throughout 2020 we have spent the vast majority of our time collecting and delivering across the boroughs of Greater Manchester and the North West of England, and we’ve been a big part of local trading. We’re only a small courier company right now, but we’re working hard to grow and will eventually take on more staff.

So with that in mind, if you’re based in Greater Manchester, Lancashire or Cheshire – we ask you to consider us as your local courier service provider. Because if you hire us, we’ll invest back into other businesses in this area.

Call 0161 667 1502 to discuss your delivery requirements and we’ll do what we can to assist.

For readers located around the rest of the UK, we can still assist you through our network of over 2,000 approved same day couriers, or you can try searching for your local courier via our new directory – couriers business directory

You can read advice on ways to help your community with this UK Government local shopping guide

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