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SpringWatch – Courier Style

The Lesser-Haired Stu-Beast in the wild.

Have you ever seen that television program, Springwatch? Well they study nature with hidden cameras to see the changes that bring about the new seasons.

There have been numerous reports recently that Spring is on its way and some even claim it’s already arrived. Well we finally have proof that the rumours are true after we were able to get photographic proof of a sure sign that winter is almost over.

If Couriers Did Springwatch

In America some people think that Punxsutawney Phil is natures way of telling us if the weather is about to get better, but here in the UK there is a much easier way – and that is to look out for the ‘Lesser-Haired Stu-Beast’, or other variants of the ‘van driver’ species.

Until the last few years it was relatively unseen outside the suburbs of Lancashire and Greater Manchester, but in the past 2-3 years there have been sightings all across the UK.

Throughout the colder months it’s typically covered in a heavy winter coat (and a woolly hat), but in the photo above we can clearly see this one was spotted just outside out of its shell whilst feeding in the sunshine at a car park in mid-Wales.

The bare forearms are a clear sign that the weather has improved enough for it to lose its cotton-like covering and as the temperatures climb as we head towards summer, the same may even happen on its lower legs (although this is extremely rare).

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