The Tale of 2014

writing in the sand on beach saying 2014 and 2015

And there it was, gone. 365 days in the blink of an eye, 2014 has been and gone.

This year has been extraordinary for us here at Avango Couriers. Whilst we officially started the year still trading as ‘Moov-U’ (pronounced ‘Move You’), we had formulated a plan in late 2013 to transform and re-brand into Avango Couriers as our business was becoming almost entirely based on same day delivery work.

Est. 2014 – Avango Couriers Ltd.

When March came around we unveiled our new logo, website and limited company status and since then have not looked back. The new look business had an almost instant effect and has drawn in new clients, both from around the North West and even further afield.

Our largest vehicle has covered over 35,000 miles this year, and it could have covered many more if required but we believe in running as efficiently as possible and so schedule our vehicles and deliveries as best we can to ensure that ‘dead miles’ or empty running is kept to a minimum. It’s not good for our costs, the environment or the UK’s road networks to have vehicles just driving around with no purpose, so we do what we can to reduce it where possible, often by asking vehicles to park up and switch off until a ‘back load’ is available.

But the most fun part of being a courier is the adventures that come from the deliveries we’re requested to do. We still love being able to drive all around the UK and be involved in the projects that our customers are working on.

This year we’ve been lucky enough to witness all kinds of things, from an extravagant art fair in Regents Park, London to the building of the new Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, we’ve delivered dry ice to Leeds and gearbox oil to Manchester and then there’s the extremes of weights and sizes – a single 1Kg block of Styrofoam to Derbyshire and 1100kgs of beer to Shrewsbury.

Every day here is exciting as you never know what kind of delivery the next phone call will involve, but they almost always have something to talk about, and that’s why we’re already closing the book on 2014 and looking forwards to 2015. We have no idea of the people we’ll meet along the way or the places the deliveries will take us to (except for those already booked in, of course).

When your business needs something to be collected and delivered the same day, it doesn’t really matter what it is, we can almost always accommodate your request in one way or another.

We can’t carry dangerous items (such as corrosive substances) ourselves, and sometimes there are loads with a physical size that requires something bigger than a van, but because we’re a member of the UK’s largest network of courier and haulage companies we have instant access to highly recommended drivers who can cover the deliveries we can’t. It’s kind of like having a ‘subs bench’.

So if you’re not already a customer of ours, why not give us a try? We believe we can match the delivery services of many larger competitors, simply because we often handle their deliveries. In the last 12 months we have completed same day courier deliveries on behalf of Royal Mail, DHL, City Link, FedEx and many more – so if they trust us to deliver the goods to the destination on time, maybe you could too?

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