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The Cornwall Connection

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If you’ve read any of our previous articles then you may have noticed that we have a certain amount of affection for Cornwall. It’s always seemed to appeal to us just a little more than many other places in the UK. Yes we love (or at least, like) quite a lot of things about our home town/county, but the open spaces and coastline will always trump the hustle-and-bustle of Manchester.

And so with that in mind we’ve been working hard to find a way to make it a bigger part of our lives and with our line of work we realised an easier way to spend more time there would be to work with businesses that require goods transporting too and from the South West.

Conversations have been taking place and the feedback has been very positive so far, so much so that we decided the best next step would be to create a new ‘micro-site’ dedicated to offering courier services in Cornwall.

Yes, we could have just added a page to this site, and if things go well over the next few months we probably will. But this way we ‘dip our toes’ in the crystal clear Cornish waters first, whilst also staying true to our North West roots, or should that be ‘routes’? (Sorry, courier humour there).

What we’re really hoping for is that we manage to win new business that sees us opening a ‘bricks and mortar’ office or warehouse sometime in 2018, so if your company needs dedicated transport services for deliveries either to or from the South West, especially towards the North West where we can be at our most competitive on price, then please either contact us through this site.

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