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The Tale of 2016

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And so another year comes to pass. Another collection of up’s and down’s, victories and defeats and bigger challenges. 2016 certainly had plenty of those for us here at Avango towers (that’s a mythical building by the way, just in case you weren’t sure).

The early part of each year is typically a tough time for the logistics industry. After the rush of the previous Christmas, everything settles down again.

But whilst everyone is trying to get back to their normal routine many of our usual customers are busy looking at their year ends, making sure their tax affairs are in order and planning out what they can for the weeks and months ahead.

On top of that, for those of us that have to use the road networks, the weather decides it wants to throw everything it has at us just to see what we’re made of.

Life is a Roller Coaster

Back in February 2016 we were facing quite a tough time of things, our customers didn’t seem to be as busy as they had expected to be and so we weren’t exactly rushed off our feet as much as we’d hoped. March ended up being a reasonably quiet month too. But there were signs in the air that not all was lost. We tightened our belts, did what we could and battled our way through, and it was worth it.

As April arrived, the winds changed for us. Bookings were picking up nicely and as we rolled into Spring every day brought more and more calls, and we were now starting to bring in extra drivers to cover the increase in work.

May and June turned out to be our best months ever in business. We turned over more in two months than we had for the previous 4 put together, and we continued for much of the summer at that high intensity. One one of our ‘two-man’ deliveries we even had a trip to the Isle of Wight on what (at that point) was the hottest day of the year and on our return journey we drove through a military training ground in Wiltshire.

Despite a slight dip in October, which we put down to the types of businesses we were working with this year changing their operations ready for Christmas, we have had a fantastic run since May all the way to the end of 2016, including securing an ongoing contract supporting a much larger national logistics company with its requirements in the North West into 2017.

We’ve travelled far and wide around the UK this year and even handled work to and from Ireland (a first for us), covering more miles than ever before and we are still proud to be able to say that we have a 100% success rate – all deliveries we have undertaken have been delivered in perfect condition and on time, every time, and we aim to continue that tradition for a long time to come.

Where do we go from here?

2017 holds a lot of new challenges and a lot of excitement for us as we are about to unveil a project we have been working on behind the scenes for the majority of 2016, but you’ll have to come back in a couple of weeks to find out more about that.

We added an Instragram account late in 2016, which we will be adding too regularly next year with photos from our adventures, plus we aim to make better use of all of our social media channels

We will continue to provide the highest standards of professional same day courier services as well as overnight / next day delivery services, plus we now offer budget delivery services for people who don’t require the urgency of same/next day.

So we would just like to end this year by saying a huge THANK YOU, to our customers for all the work they entrusted to us, for our employees (paid, voluntary and sub-contracted) for all their hard work and our friends and family for their support, it literally wouldn’t have happened without you.

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