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The Tale of James Bond’s Land Rover

Line of Land Rover cars used in James Bond Spectre Movie

His name’s Bond, James Bond…apparently.

You can’t really live in Britain and not know who that is. The fictional character who has saved us from more bad guys than you can count in over 20 movies from the last 50 years. The quintessential English gentleman. And also a licensed assassin.

Well, October 26th 2015 sees the launch of the latest ‘007’ movie in the UK and earlier this year we were lucky enough to witness a small part of what goes into producing movies like this. And it was one of the coolest things we’ve seen whilst on a delivery job.

One of our main customers required us to deliver some equipment out to a customer in the Midlands and when we arrived we spotted a very heavily modified Land Rover inside their building – and we were told about the fact that vehicle was being prepared for the James Bond movie ‘Spectre’.

A couple of weeks later and we headed down to collect the equipment to return to our customer, and were lucky enough to see the entire collection of vehicles being lined up in the loading area, ready to go on the transporters and be shipped off to the filming location.

Take a look at the photo above – it’s quite some collection and shows just what goes into putting movies like this together.

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