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The Tale of Never Giving Up

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I believe it was Winston Churchill that said “If you’re going through Hell, keep going”. Well, I’m sure almost everyone of us has hard times. This is the tale of how those words from Sir Winston are worth remembering.

Ever since I started Avango Couriers, in fact since I started working a courier in 2012, I lived by one thing. Always do the best job I can.

That mindset has led to my business being trusted by many people to do the job they expect. Whether it’s meeting the deadline on time sensitive same day deliveries or transporting high-value goods. I’ve always given 100% on every job.

And all you hope for is that your customers will respect that work, and pay you accordingly for your efforts.

In most cases that’s true. But once or twice over the 7 years I’ve been doing this work so far, I’ve encountered someone who either can’t or won’t pay.

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay? We’ll Take You To Court

Courts are not nice things. Even if you’re the person that has done nothing wrong. The process of getting involved in any court action can be scary. It’s not always easy to understand all the steps you need to go through.

Then if you do get the whole process started correctly, you need to be ready for what’s going to happen afterwards.

People that you once got along well with, can suddenly turn. I’d liken collecting a business debt to be something akin to a divorce in the way the relationship can flip from amicable to bitter in an instant.

There are three sides to every story. Tell the Tale of yours

Most people like to use the term ‘There are two sides to every story”. But I’ve always believed in the theory that there are actually three sides. Yours, Mine and the Truth. Like a Venn diagram, the truth overlaps somewhere between the other two sides.

Tell the tale of your side to the court.

What happened will be seen differently by the other side. What they say will seem like lies, and they often get embellished. The only way you can fight the lies is with your truth, in the form of evidence.

I guess I should thank my parents for giving me an addiction to police-shows and crime dramas on TV when I was growing up.

Whatever happens when the process comes to an end, just be sure in your own mind you gave it your best shot. Even if you lose. Never, ever give up.

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