View of the Cornwall Coastline from Tintagel

The Tale Of Our Long Distance Relationship With Cornwall


By now you have probably figured out that Avango is a courier company. And what do courier companies do? They collect items from one location and deliver them to another.

Now because of the fact we are located close to Manchester quite a lot of our deliveries take place across the north west, but we also cover the entire UK mainland. To give an example of the variety to the places we get to, in the last week we have been to Melksham (Wiltshire), Hickstead (West Sussex), Malton (North Yorkshire) and Tywyn (Gwynedd).

Travelling to these places is an adventure for those of us here at Avango. We love the journey and the experience as much as we enjoy doing the work for our customers.

But there is one elusive county* that just doesn’t seem to want to feature in our ever expanding list of delivery destinations, and that is Cornwall. In the two years and 3 months now since the business was incorporated, we haven’t received a single request for a delivery to Cornwall.

My brother and I were taken all over Great Britain as children by our parents on caravanning holidays (this is probably what caused a desire to travel for a living) and Cornwall was the summer holiday destination of choice for many years. I personally have fantastic memories of visiting numerous different beaches, seeing amazing places such as Goonhilly Satellite station, St. Michaels Mount, the air day at Culdrose and countless other attractions.

Those memories meant that Cornwall developed a special place in our hearts and whenever we do get the chance to return there’s always something different about arriving there compared to anywhere else in the UK.

For a long time our typically busy adult lives meant opportunities to visit became less frequent, but we had hoped all that might change once we started a courier business. Unfortunately that’s not been the case…so far.

For now we’ll continue to dream of the day that a call comes through requesting our assistance on a delivery to the south west (that’s a hint, to anyone who’s reading this!) and maybe we can turn our long distance relationship into something a little more personal.

*We apologise to anyone offended by the fact we referred to Cornwall as a county – we know there are many who don’t see it as such.

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