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The Tale of the Enormous Digger

Delivery to a building site being offloaded by digger

For most of the time a courier’s deliveries can typically be broken down into two methods of loading and unloading – the ‘handball’, where everything is done by hand (I’m guessing you’d already figured that out?) and forklift.

But occasionally something else can come along just to add a little variety to the working day, for example flat-bed delivery vehicles will sometimes have the goods lifted on or off by crane.

On a recent delivery to a building site in South Yorkshire, we were instructed were to line up the vehicle and, once we had opened the rear doors and removed the load straps, we waited for a forklift to arrive, although initially we couldn’t even see one on the site.

That’s because there wasn’t one, but luckily we didn’t require an actual forklift. The digger being used to lift the huge steel supports into place was requested and, after a change of accessories on the end of the arm, we suddenly had a huge forklift available.

As the driver headed across to us he shouted “It’s not a new van is it?…” which did fill us with more than a little concern, but what happened next was a lesson in absolute skill and co-ordination. Between the banksman and the driver they unloaded around 600kgs of ground supports and fixings in just a couple of minutes.

The image above will give you some idea of the scale of the digger compared to our van (which is one of the bigger vans available to us as well!).

As you might also be able to make out from the photo, the person to the left of the image is our very own Stuart, showing that we are always well equipped for almost any delivery situation, with hi-viz clothing, hard hat and safety boots.

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