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The Tale of the Plane is being painted

plane jet aircraft nose outside hangar

Courier and haulage work can be extremely varied. That’s one of the reasons we like doing it so much. And it doesn’t get much better than being 30ft from a huge plane in a hanger.

Speaking for myself (Stuart) my former career was spent working in offices, mostly for newspapers and magazines. It paid the bills for a while, but I knew it wasn’t ever going to make me happy.

A Change is as Good as a Rest, Plane and Simple

Up until the age of 29 I was a biker and I spent my weekends either riding on or fidgeting with a variety of two-wheeled machines. I only turned to 4 wheels just before I turned 30. Little did I know of the affect it would have on my life. I gave up motorcycles almost instantly and have never looked back.

I tried to help a friend secure some extra work for his own driving business a few years ago, but I actually ended up buying my own van. One thing lead to another and hey presto, I became an owner-driver providing courier services.

Variety is the Spice of Life

People questioned whether I could manage the long driving hours after spending most of my life sitting in an office. The sitting is the same, but now control of a mouse and keyboard has changed to a steering wheel. And there is a LOT of lifting work involved.

Now, after 4 years and many, many thousands of miles covered, I think that question is well and truly answered.

What makes it possible to stay motivated with this work is the variety and quite surprising range of work we get involved in. Our customers include anyone from the ‘start-up’ working from his garden shed to multi-national organisations with 200,000-square-foot warehouses.

Today featured one of these larger scale deliveries, as we were tasked with making a same-day delivery to one of the hangars at Manchester Airport where a plane was currently undergoing preparations for a re-spray and so we were able to get a close-up look at it.

Something makes me think that this opportunity would not have presented itself if I’d still been tied to a desk in a dusty little office in a Bolton backstreet?

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