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The Tale of the Tail-Lift Lorry


When a delivery gets really big, you need a lorry and just because we’re called ‘Avango’ and typically specialise in van-based courier services, it doesn’t mean we can’t find a solution when the call comes through for something much larger.

A couple of weeks ago one of our customers called us to discuss an important load that they required transporting to London (SE4 – Brockley) and due to the size of it they needed help figuring out how to do it. The load mostly comprised of sectional pieces of timber that are then assembled on-site into playground equipment for children.

We handle a lot of loads like this for our customer but quite often we can fit most of it into a single large van as long as we carefully plan the loading and make sure everything is well secured, but we knew from the information provided to us that it was going to take something much larger.

Red Lorry, Not Yellow Lorry

So that’s when we organised a 15 tonne, curtain-sided lorry with a tail-lift. With a 6.6 metre load bed and a carry capacity up to 8 tonnes we knew this would easily handle the requirements of this delivery.

Lorries come in a huge variety of different formats and you can select the type you need to make loading and unloading easier for the people involved and the locations being accessed and this truck worked out perfectly for the task ahead.

The tail-lift helps ease the burden of having to try and lift all the heavy items onto the vehicle, whilst the curtain side means longer items can be loaded easily from the side instead of trying to drag them on from one end of the vehicle.

Take a look at the photos to see how well loaded and neatly organised all the equipment is and how well secured everything is ready for the journey. Our customer was delighted with the whole process and we look forward to working with them again on many more of these challenges.

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