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What Happened? October 2014

Avango Couriers Driver Heading From Manchester to Scotland

Earlier this year we had the idea to write an article at the end of each month about what we’ve done and where we’ve been. It was going to be a series imaginatively titled “What Happened”. Even if it’s for nothing more than to have a way of remembering all the ups and downs that we experience in transport industry work along the way.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a great amount to talk about during August and September. This is down to the typical summer lull when so many people are away on holiday. The various industries we support often output fewer goods, meaning we get considerably fewer bookings.

Luckily for us things have picked up quickly in October and now we have decided to write our latest ‘What Happened?’ post.

October 2014 has been our best month ever. And that’s including our previous existence as ‘Moov-U’, before we re-branded into Avango Couriers.

So what have we been delivering lately?

We’ve been moving more van loads of goods than ever before to locations hundreds of miles away including London, Glasgow and Exeter. And these runs have brought us some interesting sights whilst on our travels lately.

**Please note, all photos taken when the vehicle is moving are by a 2nd man, NOT by the driver. We operate a professional and responsible driving business.**

Playground Equipment delivered to London

One of our customers makes furniture and playground equipment from reclaimed timber and we were asked to deliver a table to a school in London. We’ve included this picture to show the care we take with all items we handle. The table would most likely have stood perfectly still without the straps, but it only takes a minute to go the extra mile.

Strange Weather in Staffordshire

October 2014 has been a strange month for us in more than one way, but the weather has been a real surprise. Okay so we did have a little bit of a hurricane and some people reported a Tornado-or-two, but this photo could have been taken in the middle of summer.

Fancy Cars in Scotland

This is the future, so we are told anyway. It’s a BMW i8. Apparently a hybrid vehicle that is supposed to save the planet and your money by combining a highly efficient petrol engine with electric power. The irony is that the first time we ever saw one it was at the at the motorway services petrol station (moments before this photo was taken).

A 1-Legged Bird in Doncaster

Nature is always impressive, although you may not instantly realise that from this photo. This bird is (I believe) a Lapwing, and as far as I am aware they are supposed to have two legs. This bird only had one. It might have just been resting the other leg, but I doubt it as every time it tried to pull a worm out of the ground it fell over. But what makes nature impressive is the fact that the bird never gave up, and eventually got the worm. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t give in to adversity.

An Old Fighter Plane Near Chester

Seeing something ‘out of the ordinary’ is one of the best parts of being a courier. Every day you will more than likely see something a little different. And this old plane in the middle of a business park is proof of that theory. Okay so it was called ‘Aviation park’ and is built at the side of an airport but it’s not your typical passenger plane that you would expect to see.

The Old Runcorn Bridge

The Runcorn bridge is not the most glamorous of locations. In fact I doubt Sydney harbour is quaking in its boots right now, but we appreciate engineering achievements so this photo had to be included. Not bad considering it was taken whilst on the move.

An Exclusive Art Fair in Regents Park, London

What happened at the Freeze Art Fair
We were asked to do an urgent delivery to Regents Park, London for this years Frieze Art Fair. We were asked to supply items for the Deutsche Bank VIP lounge, and were lucky enough to get a glimpse inside as the work was going on getting everything ready for the show.

2-Man Delivery, 2 Years Later, 2 Photos

Van Driver at Avango Couriers enjoying his work
We had to do a 2-man same day delivery to Scotland, and it just so happened that it was almost 2 years exactly since we first went into business for ourselves. We tried to recreate a photograph taken en-route to see if there were any noticeable differences. What do you think?

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