Why express delivery is so important for the medical industry

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At Avango Couriers, we understand and appreciate the importance of same day deliveries for the medical industry. From replenishing PPE stock levels to delivering urgent hospital equipment, transferring confidential documents, and transporting perishable biological samples, the medical industry is reliant on express same day delivery services

Through this article, we will highlight some of the reasons why same day delivery is so important for the medical and health care industry and how a company like ours, Avango Couriers, can be the perfect choice as your trusted medical courier partner.

Maintaining PPE stock levels

Stock replenishment is important for any product-based business. But stock replenishment for the medical industry has an additional layer of necessity. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is vital for ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for both healthcare workers and patients. On a BBC Radio 4 Today Programme aired on 22nd April 2020, one NHS hospital trust reported using 72,000 pieces of PPE per day. This staggering number highlights just how valuable PPE procurement is for the medical industry.

PPE equipment used by hospitals and other healthcare sectors (such as nursing homes, general practitioners and dentists, for example) include gloves, gowns and surgical masks. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many hospitals and care providers experienced severe shortages of PPE. Working with a trusted medical courier can give your hospital or health care provider peace of mind knowing that we will deliver your requested items on the same day.

Other hospital consumables may also need to be urgently delivered to hospitals on same day delivery if stock levels are depleted. 

Examples of hospital consumables include:

  • Bandages
  • Syringes
  • Swabs
  • Tongue depressors
  • Blood bags
  • Single use instruments
  • Paper coverings

Although they may only be small, ensuring urgent delivery of these consumables is a number one priority for the medical industry. That’s why we value packages of all sizes here at Avango Couriers. We can work with your supplier to ensure fast, secure and efficient delivery of your required PPE and medical consumable items.

Urgent delivery for hospital equipment

PPE and small hospital consumables aren’t the only items that health care providers rely on to be able to provide outstanding support and care for their patients. Hospitals, and other health care providers, also use specialist equipment and products to care for their patients on a daily basis.

The equipment required can vary depending on the time of year, occupancy levels, or on an individual patient-by-patient basis. As a result, it is important to have a same day medical courier who is able to adapt to your needs. 

Alongside hospitals, other health care providers that may have urgent delivery requests for equipment include dentists, opticians, nursing homes, medical laboratories physiotherapists and chiropractors. Our medical couriers can assist healthcare providers in transferring medical devices to new facilities, or delivering urgently required equipment from suppliers and/or other practices. By working in a fast, efficient manner, we make sure that you always have the medical equipment when you need it most.

To ensure safe delivery, we always use a signed-for procedure to ensure equipment is delivered to the assigned recipient at the time of booking your delivery. 

Transferring patient records and confidential documents

Patient records need to be treated with the utmost confidentiality. 

In accordance with GDPR regulations, patient records and other confidential medical documents must be safely secured. Therefore, if you need to send any patient documents by mail, it is important that this is done so in a safe and secure manner.

If a patient is being transferred to a different health care provider, or if a second opinion is needed from another medical professional, you may need to send patient records to another location. Same-day courier services will enable you to safely transport these documents without breaching confidentiality or worrying about the documents being delayed or lost in transit. 

Our same day medical courier service allows us to quickly transfer patient records and confidential medical documents between facilities and practices. This, in turn, can help ensure your medical professionals can continue delivering high-quality levels of care in a fast and timely fashion that is free from delay.

Pharmaceutical courier services

Although picking up a prescription from the pharmacy may look to be as simple as submitting a form then collecting your prescription, that isn’t the case for pharmacy technicians. 

When a pharmacy receives a prescription request, the Pharmacy Technician must check that the prescription is valid and allowed to be dispensed. Once they have confirmed that the prescription is valid, they must then complete a number of clerical tasks, along with checking stock levels within the pharmacy. 

Prescription shortages can significantly hinder pharmacy teams’ efforts to dispense medicines in a timely manner. These prescription shortages can also have a potential impact on patients if they are unable to collect their prescription. 

Potential reasons why prescription shortages may occur include:

  • Manufacturing issues or disruption
  • Capacity issues
  • Commercial withdrawal
  • Drug recalls and quality issues
  • Increased or unexpected national demand
  • Distribution and logistical problems
  • Stockpiling and panic buying
  • Supply quota issues

To help combat any prescription delays due to logistical problems, we offer a trusted pharmacy courier service where we can manage deliveries for unlicensed medicines direct to your pharmacy from suppliers. Our hospital-to-pharmacy delivery service also ensures quick and safe stock transfer between multiple sites within your Trust to maximise both efficiency and utilisation of inventory. 

If your pharmacy offers a home-delivery service, we are also available to support your pharmacy with home delivery solutions direct to your patients.

Laboratory delivery for clinical trials and biological samples

Research lies at the heart of the healthcare industry. Without it, we wouldn’t have made many of the medical advancements we have today. 

Don’t believe us? There’s even an International Clinical Trials Day on the 20th May to celebrate the first clinical trial by James Lind in 1747 into the causes of scurvy.

Clinical trials allow scientists and medical researchers to better understand and evaluate medical, surgical, or behavioral interventions. Clinical trials often rely on the use of biological samples. Same day courier services can help deliver clinical trial samples to laboratories for research. We can also provide continued logistical support by helping with the transportation of results and findings between the laboratory and hospital or between sites being used for the medical trials.

At Avango Couriers, we recognise the importance of providing safe, timely and efficient delivery services within the healthcare and medical industry. 

Interested in learning more about how we can be your trusted courier partner? Contact us today.

This article was written for Avango Couriers by Tasmin Lofthouse.

Without sounding too dramatic, express same day courier services can be life-saving for the medical industry. When it comes to choosing a medical delivery driver, being able to meet urgent delivery times is a crucial factor.

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