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Winter is Coming

Winter is coming - Avango Couriers weather montage

That’s right everyone. Winter is coming and it looks like it’s in a bad mood.

After a settled September and October (for British standards anyway), November reminded us that the British weather is flaky.

We really shouldn’t forget that it can pack quite a punch when it wants – and so came December.

We’ve not even finished the first week yet and already the real winter weather has caused chaos and misery.

Floods from Lancashire to Scotland, and across much of Wales causing closed roads and bridges up and down the country.

So that’s why we’re writing this post now. It’s time to remind everyone that whilst we do our very best, we are still just couriers in the end. Floods, collapsed roads, snow and strong winds can all cause deliveries to fail.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

We won’t endanger ours or anyone else’s lives for a delivery no matter how important you think it is. After all, as one of our team has said for a long time, “It’s better to be late in this life than early in the next“.

The best way to make sure that your delivery gets to its destination is to plan ahead. Give yourself as much extra time as you can during winter months.

Give everyone involved in your logistics chain the best opportunity to plan ahead too. They need to be able to find routes that are accessible and safe. That way we have a good chance of completing each and every delivery.

In the 18 months we have been operating as Avango Couriers we haven’t failed a single delivery – but that comes down to the fact that we operate using as much common sense as possible. If we think we can’t make a delivery, we won’t attempt it in the first place, so if your delivery is important, please help us by booking as early as possible.

As most Manchester Couriers will be well aware, when the weather hits in the North, it usually hits hard.

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